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" Don't trust your largest investment to just anyone."

Most sellers interview more than one agent. There are four things that affect the sale of a home. Make sure you choose a Realtor that knows how to maximize each of these to put more money in your pocket and more peace in your life.

1- Location, location, location!  Even though neither you nor your Realtor can change this about your home, it is important that you hire someone who knows the market very well and can help you captilize on your location or overcome it's challenges .

2- Price!  Simply starting with a low list price or dropping the price after some time is a tactic used by many agents. Hire an agent that is skilled at pricing your home. It takes a lot of work and a lot of preparation to come up with "the sweet spot". If a home is over-priced it will sit on the market longer and you will ultimately gain a lower sales price. If a home is under-priced (which happens in today's market a lot, especially by FSBO sellers) then you will sell quickly but leave money on the table, typically around $10,000! The key is to figure out the best number to list your home at to generate enough activity to have more than one buyer want your home. This strategy will secure the highest possible sale price for your home.

3- Condition!  This is a biggie! Buyers will pay more for a home in better condition however, many sellers spend money in the wrong places and make improvements that do not get a good return on the investment. Hire a Realtor that knows exactly what upgrades will help sell your home and that can assist with making selections that will appeal to the majority of the buyers. A Realtor that has contacts to help you complete these upgrades at a fraction of the cost is a must!

4- Marketing!  This is what separates the good from the best! Hire a Realtor that knows how to aggressively market your home online and to other agents. There is no substitute for an appropriate marketing campaign. When interviewing agents ask to see  how they will market your home. That means make sure to see some of their active listings. Really look at the photos. Ask to see what kind of Social Media marketing they do. You may not be active in Social Media but many buyers and their agents are. It is extremely effective in drawing attention to your property. Use the links below to experience marketing McWaters style, examples of our listing photos as well as our social media marketing! There is also a link to the Seller's Disclosure that needs to be completed with your listing. Once you've learned everything you need to know about selling, you can move on over to the Buyer's pages because now it's time to find you a house you love!

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